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Advanced Coaching Certificate

Featuring The Coaching Skills Lab To advance your coaching proficiency, Linkage has developed new curriculum which includes Linkage’s highly-acclaimed Coaching Leaders Certificate Program and the new Advanced Coaching Certificate. Difficult-to-master, coaching is a critical capability that requires practice, support, and continuous learning. Linkage has been specializing in leadership coaching for over twenty years, successfully guiding individuals, teams and Fortune 500 organizations to drive behavioral change in alignment with their business strategy.

Program at a Glance

Length 3 days
Who Should Attend Sixteen areas key to achieving mastery of the managerial role, sorted into four broad categories: managing myself, managing results and processes, building capability, and managing the organization
What It Provides Internal HR/OD and LD professionals and business coaches
Benefits & Outcomes • A deeper understanding of the strategies to catalyze behavioral change in leaders• Enhance ability to coach every level of the organization, including senior executives
Prerequisite Attend the three-day core program—The Coaching Leaders Certificate Program
Program Curriculum This program, led by Linkage Master Coaches, is focused on exercises and skill-practice to further improve and deepen your coaching competencies:• Participate in one-on-one and peer group learning exercises to take your application of Linkage’s tools to a sophisticated level • Engage in rich discussion on how to enable your coachees to execute on their action plan and make the behavior changes needed to get results • Take part in an updated coaching simulation from the Core Program and gain feedback from your Master Coach and peers
Post-Work  • Participate in three advanced-level webinars on specific coaching topics• Participate in three peer-coaching calls led by a Linkage Master Coach • Receive three hours of follow-up coaching with your Master Coach • Document your time spent coaching a senior-level individual • Develop a written case study that builds upon findings from case study #1 written for The Coaching Leaders Certificate Program • Recommended post-work completion is within 6 months

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