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Enhancing Your Management Skills: How to Gain Alignment, Build Motivation, and Drive Action

Ultimately, managing is all about driving performance. But how do you elicit the level of performance needed to produce bottom-line results and visible success for you and your team?

Learn the critical success factors of goal alignment, coaching for performance, building trust, and driving team results. Receive practical, state-of-the-art tools and techniques for holding conversations that set clear expectations, provide focused feedback, and generate trust and commitment through challenging times. Walk away with a set of new capabilities and enhanced confidence to enable breakthrough performance.

What You Get

  • Develop a clear and aligned leadership agenda
  • Set work expectations for others that increase efficiency, effectiveness, and bottom-line impact
  • Handle challenging performance issues by providing ongoing coaching and feedback
  • Rebuild and enhance trust for heartfelt commitment

This offering is available to bring on-site to your organization as a 1 or 2 day workshop. Talk with a Linkage expert to learn how. Contact Linkage