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Great leadership is Purposeful Leadership™: Transform your organization’s leadership capabilities by coming together at GILD.

8 – 12 April, 2019 | Singapore

Over the past 30 years, successful organizations have focused on developing leaders based on executive, cognitive and emotive competencies. It’s beyond question that to be effective, leaders continually need to strive towards strengthening their competencies. But what leaders today often forget is that while devoting time and effort to enhance competencies on the job is important, it is not sufficient.
So, if not competencies, what really distinguishes great leaders from merely good ones? Linkage’s years of research from over 100,000 leaders points us to the next watershed in leadership development. Our research has led us to believe that it’s the power of Purposeful Leadership – fulfilling leadership commitments – that enables the best leaders to maximize their own and their followers’ performance. Leaders do need to have the requisite competencies, but more importantly, they must be able to deliver on the commitments of inspiring others, engaging teams, innovating intentionally, achieving results, and essentially, becoming purposeful.
Linkage’s research substantiates that leaders who commit to leading purposefully impact their teams, organizations and communities in greater ways. Purposeful Leaders are able to identify a personal “WHY” – and they successfully translate this ideal into an organizational “WHAT FOR” – a broader vision and message for their teams.
Our objective is to help leaders unlock and define their leadership purpose and put it to use. We believe that this is the single most important task you can undertake as a leader today. Whether you are an emerging leader or a highly experienced C-level executive, it’s critical to remember that the more awareness and intention you and your organization can apply to how you inspire, engage, innovate and achieve, the greater the likelihood that business initiatives will be successful. Thus we invite you to join us at Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development® (GILD) Asia and take this opportunity to reflect, provoke your thinking, learn from the best, renew yourself and start your journey in BECOMING a Purposeful Leader.
Visit our resource page for a snapshot of Linkage and faculty thought leadership on the subject of leadership development.

Who Attends GILD Asia is the perfect platform to learn, share, network and collaborate with hundreds of other leaders from Asia and around the globe. GILD Asia attendees will range from high-potential emerging leaders to seasoned C-suite executives. They include:
  • Individuals identified as successor candidates or high-potentials
  • Individuals serving as strategic leaders with enterprise-wide focus and long-term impact (e.g. general managers, vice presidents, business unit leaders, staff function leaders, and C-suite executives)
  • Intact leadership teams who customize their GILD Asia experience to achieve a unique off-site team experience that blends leadership development and team building

Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development® (GILD) Asia

Now in its 22nd year, Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development® (GILD) is a proven, immersion-learning leadership development program known for accelerating the development of existing and future leaders. The program has been taking place in Palm Deserts California since two decades and was launched for the first time in Asia in 2017. Following the massive success of the first GILD in Asia, Linkage’s second Global Institute for Leadership Development in Singapore was held in April 2018. Over 415 leaders from around the world convened for an immersive learning experience at Grand Hyatt, Singapore. GILD goes beyond a regular conference by providing not just inspirational keynotes but also 360 feedback assessments, small learning team sessions and executive coaching for all the participants. Save the dates for GILD Asia 2019: 8th – 12th April 2019.
  Developing leaders: Why organizations choose GILD

Why do organizations send their leaders to Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development (GILD)? In this video, we hear from organizations who send their high-potential and senior leaders to GILD as a critical part of their development and advancement.
The Experience


Co-founder and President, CultureSync; Author
Dave Logan is Co-founder and President of CultureSync. He is consultant to three dozen Fortune 500 companies and the New York Times #1 author of 4 books, including Tribal Leadership and The Three Laws of Performance. He has been on the faculty of the USC Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California since 1991, where he co-taught the signature leadership courses with the late Professor Warren Bennis. He also served as Associate Dean of Executive Education at the school from 2001-2004.


Founder & Chairman, Inventure Group; Co-Chair, GILD Asia
Richard Leider is an Executive Coach and Author. He is recognized as one of America’s pre-eminent executive coaches. He has helped more than 100,000 leaders from over 100 organizations discover the power of their leadership purpose. Richard is the author of ten books including three bestsellers which have sold over one million copies. They include The Power of Purpose, Repacking Your Bags and Life Reimagined. Inventure Group                   LinkedIn                  Blog


President, Linkage Asia; Co-Chair, GILD Asia
Samuel Lam is the President and Managing Partner of Linkage Asia. He is one of the leading practitioners in the field of leadership development and serves as executive coach and adviser to a number of notable CEOs and senior government officials in Asia and Europe. He is the co-author of The Best Practices in Leadership Development Handbook published by John Wiley in 2009. Bloomberg Page


EVP and Principal Consultant, Linkage Inc.; Co-Founder, Women in Leadership Summit
Susan Brady is the Executive Vice President of Global Program Strategy and Development at Linkage. She is an expert coach and facilitator, well known for her focus on advancing women leaders. Now in its 18th year, Susan serves as the co-chair of Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute™, and has published The 30-Second Guide to Coaching Your Inner Critic. She is also contributing author of Enlightened Power: How Women Are Transforming the Path to Leadership, and co-author of “Coaching Your Inner Critic” on  LinkedIn                    Blog
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All prices are in USD. For other GILD Asia customization pricing, please call +65.6223.2189 or contact us at Companies with active business operations in Singapore may be eligible to apply for Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme for GILD Asia. Click on Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme to find more.


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Phone: +65.6416.7020

One of the leading five-star hotels in Singapore, the Grand Hyatt promises an exceptional stay. Experiencing all the city has to offer is easy with the hotel’s prime location at the start of Orchard Road, the city’s bustling shopping and entertainment district. Please note that the hotel charges are not included in the Institute registration fee. Institute participants should contact Grand Hyatt Singapore directly to arrange for accommodations. A limited block of rooms will be available at a special event rate. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make your reservation early. Please note there are also several other five-star hotels within walking distance of the Grand Hyatt for accommodation purposes. Click the button below to reserve your hotel room and enjoy special room rates for GILD Asia participants. 


As a gateway to Asia, a dynamic business hub, a gleaming city-state, and a modern metropolis, Singapore has always been the perfect venue to host exhibitions and conferences. Linkage also chose Singapore as the location for GILD Asia because of its easy access for global participants, world-class facilities and infrastructure, professional services, exclusive event venues and cool attractions, all in a rich and unique Asian setting like nowhere else. As a compact city, it is convenient to travel around Singapore. If you would like to further explore this city, you may go to for more information.


What is a typical day at GILD like?

Every day will likely leave you thinking, “…Wow, that was an intense day of learning and personal reflection on what I need to do to become an even better leader!” Each day, you’ll be challenged to think differently by world-class thought leaders, and in your one-on-one coaching sessions and learning team discussions. You’ll receive feedback, including insight from your coach on how your colleagues perceive you as a leader. You’ll network with other global leaders and share your perspectives during your small-group “Learning Team” sessions.

What’s the difference between GILD and a leadership conference?

There are many things that set GILD apart from typical leadership conferences—here are a few of the key differences:
  • Designed around a leadership competency model to ensure you’re learning the most relevant content for your advancement
  • 360º assessment for real insight on your own personal leadership strengths and development areas, as noted by 3yourself and your direct reports, managers, and colleagues
  • One-on-one leadership development coaching based on your assessment results and dialogue
  • Facilitated small-group learning sessions (“learning teams,” see below) with peers who are benchmarked to ensure common leadership challenges and levels of experience

What is a learning team?

Learning teams are facilitator-led small groups (15-20 participants) that meet for 1.5 hours each day. During these sessions, participants discuss how to apply what they are learning from the faculty into their daily work lives to become better leaders. Linkage organizes each learning team so that people with similar years of management experience, similar scope of responsibility, similar learning style, and similar leadership challenges are grouped together—this pre-planning helps participants get the most out of the small groups and allows the development of lasting peer relationships.

Will I be in a learning team with colleagues from my organization?

Some organizations send a “cohort” of high-potential leaders or senior leaders and choose to keep them together through the GILD experience (called an “intact team”), while others elect to have participants experience GILD as individual leaders, dispersed among various learning teams. Both experiences offer valuable benefits. Ultimately, this is a choice you and your organization will make.

How does the Purposeful Leadership™ 360º leadership assessment work?

To complete the 360º component, you will nominate raters you would like to provide feedback (your manager, your direct reports, your peers, and others you believe would add valuable perspectives). Once you arrive at GILD, you and your coach will review your confidential assessment results—no one else receives the results unless you decide to share them. The assessment provides valuable insight on your leadership strengths and development areas. The Purposeful Leadership™ assessment is based on the Linkage proprietary leadership model and its related competencies.

How does leadership coaching work at GILD?

Prior to GILD Asia, you will have an opportunity to select your coach from a diverse pool of leadership coaches, based on biographical information shared with you before you arrive. Your selected coach will introduce him- or herself before the Institute to schedule a one-hour, on-site leadership coaching session during GILD Asia. In this session, your coach will help you to understand your assessment results, and to jointly craft your Individual Development Plan (IDP). After GILD Asia, you will virtually reconnect with your coach two more times, to discuss the implementation of your IDP, to monitor its progress, and to identify and/or modify next steps based on your current status. Additional leadership coaching, beyond the three sessions, is also an available option.

What will a participant learn from the various faculty members?

Though each session and GILD Asia faculty member varies, each will challenge you to think, behave, and motivate others differently with tools related to their particular area of expertise and competency.

Is there a dress code at GILD Asia?

The dress code is business casual. We suggest you bring comfortable shoes and a jacket (or shawl for ladies) since the program venue is air-conditioned and temperatures may vary as you move from room to room.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Please notify us at if you have special dietary needs. Participants should also identify themselves to a member of the wait staff on-site at each meal.