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Our Difference

At Linkage, we’re more than a leadership development company, or an organizational development (OD) consulting firm. Linkage is a global network of the best ideas and brightest minds in leadership development and organizational development. We truly believe that not all leadership best practice resides in one place or in one domain area of expertise. This is why we strive to form multiple “linkages” with the best thought leaders, academics, practitioners, business leaders, and even consultants across various industries and fields of expertise.

We focus on making people and companies great, and leverage leadership, people, and processes to do so.

Our leadership development and organizational development (OD) solutions in Asia and globally are formed at the crossroads of leadership, strategy, and culture:

  • Focused on helping leaders and organizations achieve peak performance in alignment with their strategic agenda
  • Centered on customized solutions that meet specific client needs at all levels (individual, team, and organization)
  • Driven by a consulting team comprising consultants with 10-20 years of leadership development and OD experience from global multinationals, management consulting firms and the civil service
  • Grounded in multi-channel and longitudinal research from Linkage—and from the many leading-edge business thinkers connected to Linkage including Warren Bennis, Marshall Goldsmith, Clayton Christensen, William Rothwell, William Bridges, Phil Harkins, David Giber and Sam Lam
  • Measured for Return on Investments in hiring us to determine the benefits