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Customized Leadership Development Programs

The most valuable return on leadership development investment occurs when the right development opportunity is provided to the right person at the right time and in the right way. Our leadership development programs yield opportunities like that – and yield return on investment (ROI) too.

Overcoming Challenges in Designing Leadership Development Programs

At Linkage Asia, we understand that HR and OD practitioners have a variety of leadership development options available – from 360-degree feedback to management workshops, from EQ training to executive coaching, from top team effectiveness to talent assessment.

However, Linkage has observed from our research and consulting practice that HR and OD practitioners have had to grapple with the following challenges in the design of leadership development strategies and plans:

  • Leadership development is often equated with ‘training workshops’
  • Lack of deliberation on whether to adopt a learning & development or organizational development (OD) strategy
  • Top executives (and even OD leaders) are drawn to the ‘flavor of the month’
  • Leadership development programs and initiatives are relentlessly churned out
  • Not linking leadership development initiatives to the organization’s strategic needs
  • Only focusing on strengths, competencies, skills and other “feel-good” factors

When we design leadership development programs at Linkage Asia, we take into consideration the following important success factors in order to ensure long lasting and sustainable change in the organization. That is, every leadership development initiative:

  • Should include a variety of learning methods and interventions
  • Should be a continuous process, not a series of “episodes”
  • Does not exist in a vacuum
  • Must constantly be reviewed, measured, and scrutinized to ensure relevance
  • Should consider culture, context, complexities, and derailment

Aligning Leadership Development with Strategic HR Components

Return on Leadership Development (ROLD)TM

During economic downturns, investments in leadership development tend to be cut despite universal recognition in the importance of developing leaders. The fact is that senior executives, management boards, and chief financial officers all expect more quantifiable metrics to justify each and every expenditure. Yet when it comes to the evaluation of leadership development programs, most organizations focus mainly on “smile sheets”.

At Linkage Asia, we know how to measure the return on investment of your leadership development dollars spent. We are able to determine the impact on the organization of the leaders’ application of leadership training and development on the job. Whether the focus is on individual leadership development programs or the entire leadership development strategy, we are able to measure real business impact using our proven performance metrics and assessment processes.

Linkage’s Return on Leadership Development ModelTM