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The Assessment Instrument for ManagersTM (AIM)

Achieving mastery of the managerial role requires abilities in sixteen key areas, which can be sorted into four broad categories. The relative importance of these areas may vary in accordance with your specific job responsibilities and the nature of your business. Exceptional managers grow into their role such that they demonstrate each of the capabilities in a situationally appropriate mix, in alignment with the needs of their organization. Managers are able to assess their effectiveness in these roles via the AIM™ 360-degree feedback process.

The Assessment Instrument for Managers™ (AIM)

Who It Helps Managers
What It Measures Sixteen areas key to achieving mastery of the managerial role, sorted into four broad categories: managing myself, managing results and processes, building capability, and managing the organization
What It Provides An incisive profile of a manager’s abilities. Exceptional managers must demonstrate each of the capabilities in a situationally-appropriate mix in alignment with the needs of their organization
How Does It Work View a sample report (PDF)
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