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The Communication Styles and Abilities Inventory for LeadersTM (CSAIL)

“C-SAIL” is a proprietary 360-degree feedback assessment that measures individual leaders’ three key communication abilities and ten communication style tendencies. Taken together, scores on style and ability provide a snapshot of their communication capabilities and areas for development. Each participant receives a personal assessment report, which presents data from up to three rater categories – supervisors, direct reports, and peers. Participants also complete a self-rating, which provides the opportunity to compare self-perceptions with the perceptions of others. The C-SAIL is an invaluable tool for coaches, HR professionals, and leaders looking for opportunities to improve communication performance in individuals, groups, and organizations.

The Communication Styles & Abilities Inventory for Leaders™ (C-SAIL)

Who It Helps Leaders and managers
What It Measures Three critical communication abilities and ten distinctive communication style tendencies
What It Provides A complete workup of how a leader communicates — and how he or she can do so more effectively
How Does It Work View a sample report (PDF)
How to Order Please contact us for pricing and evaluation services