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Team Effectiveness AssessmentTM (TEA)

Today’s organizations are built on teams. Yet many teams, even executive ones, struggle to function efficiently, and many settle for less than they should be capable of. Our team assessment provides leaders with insights, and helps set agendas for improvement using standardized surveys and business data.

Our Team Effectiveness Assessment™ (TEA), based on over 50 years of research, is one of the most comprehensive business-oriented team assessments available. Surveys that focus solely on team interactions and processes overlook key elements of team effectiveness. This assessment goes well beyond interpersonal relations; measuring organizational support, goal clarity, team diversity, learning, growth, and results. By contrasting your team results against the practice of high-performing business teams, the TEA helps you generate a commitment to higher performance.

Our consultants use the assessment and your facilitators can too, based upon their facilitation experience or by becoming certified.

Team Effectiveness Assessment™ (TEA)

Who It Helps Teams
What It Measures The five critical attributes of high-performing teams
What It Provides A group profile that captures the team’s performance, process, and results as well as individual reports that contrast individual ratings against the team.
How Does It Work The individual report (PDF) summarizes results and allows individuals to contrast their perceptions of the team to others’ perceptions.The group report (PDF) summarizes results, provides team development tips, and provides templates for improvement and accountability.
How to Order Please contact us for pricing and evaluation services