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The Women in Leadership AssessmentTM (WILA)

Linkage developed the Women in Leadership Assessment™ (WILA) to help women identify and cultivate the competencies needed to break into and rise in the executive ranks. Based on research with successful women leaders, the assessment identifies the patterns of behavior that differentiate between the women who achieve leadership success and those who don’t. WILA, which includes quantitative and qualitative feedback, is available in a self- or multi-rater format and can be used independently, or as part of coaching or training. The principles form the foundation for Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute™.


The Women in Leadership Assessment™ (WILA)

Who It Helps Women who have, or aspire to, leadership responsibilities
What It Measures The 11 competencies that enable women to succeed as leaders
What It Provides Quantitative and qualitative feedback on a leader’s strengths and developmental opportunities
How Does It Work View a sample report (PDF)
How to Order Please contact us for pricing and evaluation services