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Executive Coaching

The best executive coaching occurs in context. That’s why we work with individual leaders to drive personal behavioral change against the backdrop of the business strategy and the larger team. In fact, we often coach the entire executive team. In coaching individuals and teams, our executive coaches:

  • Employ proven Linkage assessment tools for insight and perspective.
  • Use clear measurements to track behavioral change and performance impact.
  • Provide tools and techniques so that coaching happens “on the playing field”.
  • Respect confidentiality while also connecting to key people around the coachee.
  • Impart wisdom but insist upon action.

Linkage’s Coaching Process
Our executive coaching engagement will consist of three phases, over a period of 12-14 months. The following outline depicts the typical areas of the coaching journey.

Phase 1: Assessment

  • Recognize coachee’s strengths and identify developmental needs.
  • Assessment of business and leadership challenges, which may include competencies, motives, interests, drives, and values.
  • Organize a customized 360 degree feedback by interviewing a selection of peers, superiors, direct reports and relevant stakeholders in the individual’s career.
  • Support with a repertoire of self-assessment questionnaires, 360-degree tools and other statistically validated tools (with coachee’s prior permission and consent).

Phase 2: Personal Leadership Effectiveness & Development Plan
Explore with the coachee what he:

  • Wants to do: Energy
  • Can do: Execution
  • Should do: Expectations

Work with the coachee to develop possible scenarios and game plans to meet the challenges of each scenario.

Phase 3: Organizational Effectiveness
Provide the executive with a framework to practice desired behaviors and integrate new perspectives with existing strengths into existing role.

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