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Organization Change Consulting

Organizations today experience change in faster cycles than ever before. Major transitions such as mergers and acquisitions, turnaround situations, and organizational restructuring place pressure on strategy and performance. Yet leaders today need to lead change at multiple levels of their organizations with fewer and fewer resources.

At Linkage, we understand that successful change depends upon not only an effective strategy or process, but also on the people implementing change. Our strategic approach to organization change focuses on both the organizational change process and your employees’ ability to embrace change and successfully “transition” to a new state of change.

At the same time we will help you expand your leadership and organization capabilities to meet the challenge of driving bottom-line performance metrics such as sales growth, return on investment (ROI), customer satisfaction, innovation, quality, and employee satisfaction through the analysis of related performance indicators.

The Linkage Organization Design Wheel

1. Partnering and Planning

Some strategic change initiatives need front-end definition. Others need mere refinement. Either way, we partner with your team of leaders to help create the necessary clarity. The array of proven tools and processes we employ to this end include:

  • Strategic change audits that help crystallize the organization’s “Agenda for Change”.
  • Blueprinting tools that help bridge the current state of the organization to the desired future state.
  • Structured offsites that help catalyze and fine tune vision, values, and operating principles

The net result: a team of leaders fully aligned, committed, and prepared to drive the organization’s strategic change.

2. Accelerating Organization Change

The focus is on using leaders as the lever to drive strategic change. Specifically, we provide a defined strategic alignment process as well as various methods (change mobilization workshops, employee engagement events, etc.) in support of that process so leaders can:

  • Engage the entire organization in learning and transition around the strategic agenda.
  • Mobilize people throughout the ranks in committed support of that agenda – in thought and in action.
  • Drive the type of strategic alignment that leads to real strategic change-and superior business results.

3. Integrating Leadership Development

Even the best-laid plan for strategic change can go awry if your leaders and managers lack the specific capabilities required to drive that plan. The development of leaders, in fact, impacts every phase of the process-and dictates the ultimate success of the initiative.
Linkage helps client to:

  • Determine the unique leadership capabilities required to drive the strategic agenda.
  • Assess gaps in capabilities existing at individual, team, and organizational levels.
  • Create strategies, measures, and programs to close those gaps.

All of this helps ensure the success of the strategic change initiative.