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Talent Management & Assessment

Linkage Asia has conducted talent management and assessment exercises for more than 400 executives across Asia. From middle managers to C-level executives, Linkage’s approach towards talent management and assessment ensures that our clients’ needs are met on both the individual and organizational level. In all our client engagements, we ensure a focused and targeted approach towards developing the right competencies and skills in order to deliver the desired results. The strength of our talent management and assessment approach lies in the use of a number of different tools and techniques to provide a well-rounded picture of the talent being assessed and managed.


In particular, Linkage understands the unique pressures that our clients face both externally and internally and ensure that the following considerations are given due attention in any talent management and assessment initiative:

  • The exercise must balance “hard” and “soft” skills of leaders by examining present performance, personality, elements of future potential, and reflecting the organization’s leadership attributes and business objectives
  • Developing bench-strength is mission-critical
  • By increasing attention and investment in talent management, developmental speed will increase as will internal awareness of what is needed to provide necessary bench-strength at multiple levels of the organization’s leadership pipeline
  • A partnership involving the senior leadership and HR leadership team as co-designers of the project, its metrics, and assessment approach will be important for success
  • The process must match the unique culture of the organization and progress at a rate that is appropriate for the company as identified by the CEO/senior management

How Linkage Asia Conducts Talent Assessments

Linkage Assessment Center Our Linkage Assessment Center ensures that not only individual skills and competencies are assessed and contextualized, but that team dynamics and leadership behaviors are also rigorously tested. Our assessment activities are extensive and well-balanced in order to paint a representative picture of the organization’s top talent and high potentials. Some of these activities include psychometrics, business simulations, role-plays, case studies, behavioral event interviews, game-shows, and action-learning projects. Linkage strongly believes that development planning must accompany talent assessment initiatives and involve respected key stakeholders in the organization to play various roles in the assessment process such as on-site observer, coach, and mentor. Organizations may choose to run an assessment center as part of a broader leadership development program or on its own.  Individual Talent Assessment Linkage Asia’s second approach to talent assessment is a unique and alternative approach which isolates candidates individually and captures their developmental needs in a more personal and private fashion. Every talent assessment candidate is given a fully customized talent assessment report developed by an experienced Linkage consultant, detailing specific areas of strengths and weaknesses for every individual. Coupled with one-on-one coaching, this assessment methodology ensures targeted planning not only to enhance job-related skills and competencies for the individual, but also serves as key input into organization-wide postings, job transitions, and on-boarding processes. For most of our Asia clients, individual talent assessments are typically run as part of broader leadership development or organizational development (OD) initiatives in the organization. Partnering with Linkage Where talent assessment is concerned, we know that most organizations seek a consulting partner who not only truly understands their needs, but also one who can provide the best insights into their talent. At Linkage Asia, we understand this and have been able to: –

  • Demonstrate proven expertise conducting practical, behavioral-based assessments
  • Utilize a diverse team of consultants with the confidence and expertise needed to assess talent at the highest levels of the organization
  • Employ extensive best-practice research and assessment practices
  • Operate in a trusted, flexible partnership with the internal client project team
  • Manage all aspects of the assessment process and partnership with professionalism, care and utmost discretion