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Top Team Effectiveness

Linkage Asia has worked with the senior management and boards of several Fortune 100 companies in Asia to deliver top team effectiveness solutions. From short-term interventions such as board retreats, to longer-term engagements involving active observation and participation in senior management meetings, Linkage Asia consultants have the experience and expertise to facilitate high level discussions with senior leaders on key strategic issues impacting their organization. Some of the top team effectiveness solutions Linkage Asia has delivered include working with the top team and CEO to:

  • Build self and team awareness
  • Enhance individual and team effectiveness
  • Build rapport and understanding between members
  • Resolve team dysfunctions
  • Leverage leadership reputation
  • Improve leadership engagement skills
  • Chart new directions for the organization
  • Re-focus strategy of the organization
  • Re-shape the desired culture of the organization
  • Drive organizational transformation

Top Team Effectiveness Frameworks

Depending on the situation and context, Linkage employs a range of frameworks to help top teams increase their level of team effectiveness. We strive to be on the cutting edge of leadership ideas and research, and find the best solutions to fit our clients’ needs. As a result, we are not limited to Linkage tools and frameworks but have an expanded repertoire of tools and frameworks from which to draw on, and multiple “linkages” to other thought leaders and experts. Examples of team effectiveness frameworks we’ve used include Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of Teams, Dave Logan’s Tribal Leadership, Saj-nicole Joni’s Geography of Trust, and the Myers-Briggs Team Type Analysis.